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What would you do if you were accused and arrested for a crime that you didn’t commit? How about if you realized that you’d just been scammed for thousands of dollars?  What about if, due to a circumstance as unavoidable as having the same name as a criminal, your credit rating kept you from buying a house or a car, or getting a loan for college? Most people trust that everything will work out and assume that the government will help them if trouble arises.  However, Robert Massi reveals what the government doesn’t want you to know—daily life and decisions are fraught with potential danger, and government mismanagement often has disastrous consequences for innocent, law-abiding citizens.

This indispensable guide covers the spheres of life that matter most: Identity, Love, Family, and Relationships, Money, Finances and Debt, Your Home, Cars, Work and Business Relationships, Final Affairs. Suggesting small steps that can be taken today, People Get Screwed All the Time helps you to avert catastrophe tomorrow. Calling for action and awareness, this is a vital and eye-opening handbook that proves that ignorance is anything but bliss.

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With more than three decades of courtroom experience, Bob Massi joined Fox News Channel (FNC) in 1996 as a legal analyst reporting to millions of Americans on some of the most high-profile cases and significant events of our time.

In 2004, Massi’s career as an analyst soared when he went on location to cover the Scott Peterson trial.  His work on that trial quickly led him to cover and report on more notable cases such as the Michael Jackson trial, the Robert Blake trial, the Unabomber and the Casey Anthony trial.  This work positioned him as one of the nation’s most esteemed experts on the law.

Deeply relatable with an undeniable candor, Massi added additional appearances to his already noteworthy television and media roster.  In 2009, along with covering trials on location, Massi expanded his analyst role with a weekly segment on Fox and Friends called “Shattered Dreams.”  The segment covered real-time issues relating to the real estate crisis in America.  As the crisis subsided, the segment was eventually renamed to “Rebuilding Your Dreams” which was designed to help millions of viewers surpass the real estate turmoil.

In 2014, Fox News premiered Massi’s show entitled “The Property Man.”  The show highlights real estate news, trends and developments.  In its third season on location in Arizona, Massi continues to provide viewers with invaluable insight and expertise on the trends of a constantly shifting real estate market.  The show airs every Friday at 8:30 p.m. EST on the FOX Business Network and on FOX Network’s weekend lineup.

Currently, Massi is on “Fox & Friends” every Thursday covering real-time legal and real estate issues facing America.  However, Massi is not limited to discussing just real estate.  Besides covering all of the major trials in the last 20 years for Fox News, he has also analyzed and opined on political issues and speaks to a wide range of topics and current events.

A 20-year cable news veteran, Massi has a natural talent of skillfully deconstructing a case and its events.  He masterfully recounts and communicates in a clear and concise way effectively relating to television viewing audiences.  Massi has built a reputation for being informative, charismatic and passionate about issues and rights.

Massi runs his own law firm, Massi & Massi, in Nevada, where he has been practicing civil litigation since 1980.  He hosts the weekly “Inside the Law” segment on KVVU-TV (FOX) in Las Vegas.  He is also the author of “People Get Screwed All the Time: Protecting Yourself from Scams, Fraud, Identity Theft, Fine Print and More.”

Massi graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s College and St. Mary’s University School of Law.
A high-profile analyst for Fox News, Bob Massi is one of the country’s leading experts on the law.

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