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Mojave Industrial Tools Digs Deep with Hydraulics

California City – There are three traditional ways to put a hole in the ground to anchor something tall: Sweat for an hour with a pick and shovel; bring in a dump truck towing a Bobcat on a trailer...

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Business Outlook Conference to Pop the Lid on Manufacturing

Southern California’s Antelope Valley region, famous for producing many of the hottest, fastest and coolest toys in the aerospace world, will open the lid on a whole other manufacturing tool box at...

President’s Message: Made in the Antelope Valley and More

We have arrived! It is that time again. The 43rd annual Business Outlook Conference is later this month. For me personally, it is really hard to believe that a year has passed by so quickly. It...

Executive Notes: Industry Growth Spurs Economy

Aerospace and defense industries were, are and will be for years to come the Antelope Valley region’s leaders in manufacturing employment and economic growth. But in the shadow beneath the wings of...