Jill Donovan – Owner and CEO of Rustic Cuff Jewelry

Jill Donovan’s childhood ambition was to be a news broadcaster but I didn’t want to read from a teleprompter, she noted. . . I just wanted to make it up. . . I learned that you couldn’t get very far in that career if you made up the news. Instead of broadcasting, Donovan turned her sights to law.

It was her obsession with cuff bracelets that led this creative woman to teach herself leather-making and metal design in her guest bedroom late at night, and within three years, Donovan went from being a practicing attorney and adjunct professor at TU law school to a nationally known jewelry designer, turning her part-time hobby into a full-time business. Today, Rustic Cuff jewelry is sold in more than 250 stores across the country. The brand has been featured on many national TV shows including Good Morning America, The Today Show, E! News and The View.

In the past year, Jill has opened her sixth Rustic Cuff retail store in Oklahoma, Texas and most recently on Chicago’s famed Michigan Mile. Plans for store seven are slated for early 2018. Because Jill’s imagination knows no bounds, she continues to create. She has launched several successful lines featuring semi-precious and custom necklaces as well as a high-end sterling silver cuff line. She’s even continued expanding the fun into other areas including sunglasses, handbags, leisure-ware, tumblers and most recently, candles.

Is it any wonder that people describe Donovan as Busy . . . Crazy. . . and crazy-busy. . .but overall, loving and happy? When asked what makes her brand such a success, she says it is her loyal Rustic Cuff fan base, both locally and across the country. She especially loves the fact that almost as often as her customers buy cuffs to keep, they buy them to give away. It’s about the connection that is made between two people, sometimes even strangers, when these women are moved to gift the cuff off their own wrists, she noted. You can change your world one act of kindness (or one cuff) at a time.

When not working, Donovan enjoys spending time with her daughter’s, Ireland 13, and Peanut, 9. Jill has always had an affinity for spontaneous adventures. She loves break dancing, tennis and attending Barry Manilow and Michael Buble concerts. My husband Terry, who I met in school at ORU, is my real life hero, she noted. He is the most unselfish person I know. He is also the test model for her men’s line.

While growing up, Jill’s childhood hero was Mary Lou Retton. She was a shining example she didn’t let obstacles stand in the way of her dream, she noted.

Please welcome a woman who didn’t let obstacles get in her way and who has changed the world one cuff at a time . . . Jill Donovan.

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