Legislative action begins with YOU

Legislative action begins with YOU


Larry Grooms 2Legislative action Begins with YOU




Legislative Committee

Your organization may not be involved in influencing government policy concerning your business and the economy, but lawmakers and government regulators have no hesitancy about involving themselves in what you do and how you do it.

That’s where the Antelope Valley Board of Trade-operated Joint Legislative Affairs Committee can provide you with early warning on threats to business; a platform to voice your concerns; an open forum to express your views, and effective advocacy for or against government laws and regulations at every level – from Washington, D.C. to city halls.

The non-partisan Legislative Committee, which meets the first Wednesday of each month from 4 to 5 p.m. in the AV Transportation Agency board room on 5th Street West in Lancaster, is open to all organizations in the region with involvement in economic development, job creation and regulatory policy and practice.

The committee does not vote on matters coming before it. But each organization represented at a meeting is encouraged to take back the information provided to his or her group for possible involvement.  The Board of Trade’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors make the determination on AVBOT positions.

The range of possibilities for action is wide open within the confines of issues which involve the economic well-being of the Antelope Valley region. The report in this edition on a two-pronged AVBOT-led effort to help Edwards AFB overcome challenges to its on-base schools is a good example of the work that begins within committees of the AV Board of Trade.

In recent years, the Legislative Committee was instrumental in restoring local passport services, supporting regulatory reform legislation, opposing Job Killer bills identified by the California Chamber of Commerce; and providing a regional voice in the process of creating a new general plan for the Antelope Valley.

Elected state and federal lawmakers, whether in person or represented by their district staff members, make regular monthly informational reports on legislation to the committee.

No advance sign-up is required. Just show up and get involved.



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