Robotics Program Honored for Navigating Change

Robotics Program Honored for Navigating Change


Robotics Team

Lancaster High School Eagle Robotics Team 399 was honored in February’s Antelope Valley Business Outlook Conference with a presentation of the AV Board of Trade’s annual Navigating Change Award.

Now in its 15th year of competition organized by For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (F.I.R.S.T.), Eagle Robotics Team 399 becomes the fourth Navigating Change Award recipient, and the first non-individual to become the award recipient.

In reviewing nominations and selecting Team 399 for the prestigious recognition, the Executive Committee of the AV Board of Trade found the high school group’s students, teachers, advisors and mentors, “have time and again fulfilled the Board of Trade’s criteria for selection as a Navigating Change Award recipient.”

Board of Trade President Scott Cummings said “Team 399 consistently operates as a fully-functioning non-profit business enterprise, and succeeds year after year through creativity and real world entrepreneurial effort in administration, communications, design, engineering, financing, marketing, operations and production.”

While success in regional and national robotics competition has certainly put the Antelope Valley on the map, another qualification for receiving the award, the Board of Trade noted that Eagle Robotics has taken recognition to a whole new level by actively promoting and sharing their mission with other schools throughout the Antelope Valley and beyond.

In the 2010-2011 year, Eagle Robotics Team 399 received the Google Rise Award “for promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and Computer Sciences in educational institutions.” The nomination letter to the Board of Trade stated, “In every respect, Eagle Robotics is a consistent and innovative agent of change throughout the Antelope Valley. I will send a highly condensed overview of the team’s major accomplishments and community initiatives, all carried out by dozens of advisors and mentors, and hundreds of Team 399 students for the ultimate inspiration of thousands of high school, middle school and elementary children.”

Eagle Robotics has been recognized since its inception by dozens of local and regional sponsors, especially from the aerospace industry, who contributed generously to support the ground-breaking 21st century venture.

Business Outlook Conference 2014 chairman Al Hoffman said Team 399 members, both past and present, will be in good company as co-recipients of the award. Previous Navigating Change Award honorees included:

2011 – Civilian aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan

2012 – The City of Lancaster’s private sector partner in downtown revitalization, Scott Ehrlich

2013 – Stu Witt, who led in unprecedented growth and development of the Mojave Air & Space Port


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