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AVBOT Education Committee

The mission of the Education Committee is to foster pertinent educational opportunities in the Antelope Valley.  Additionally, this committee shall promote business involvement with educational issues.  Working with the other committees and local government entities, the Education Committee will investigate and research the educational curricula required to meet not just current, but also future worker/skills demands in the Antelope Valley.  This committee will also evaluate future educational requirements of the Antelope Valley based on the projected worker/skills demographics necessary to achieve the 2020 Vision.

Although Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is a high priority for the aerospace industries in the Antelope Valley, these industries do not exist in a vacuum and need a trained workforce in other areas such as accounting, marketing, human resources, etc.  Creating an educated populace is the responsibility of all, and having more people with post-secondary education ranging from certificates to bachelors and graduate level degrees elevates the overall attainment levels and quality of life for all AV residents.